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Aftercare Information

Following a treatment you may experience a range of mild reactions which include: relaxation, tiredness, thirst, more frequent urination, mild headaches or cold-like symptoms, aching limbs or a feeling like you have 'worked out'.  Although this is quite normal, and these symptoms usually only last 24-48 hours, there are certain things you can do to limit the severity of these and to complement the effectiveness of the treatment.


  • Please advise me if you are having any other treatments.  It is not advisable to mix therapies when commencing a new course, and, as a professional courtesy, I may need to seek approval from your other practitioner or medical advisor.  You MUST, however, continue as normal with any prescribed medication, diet, homeopathic or herbal remedy until such time as it has been reviewed by your advisor.

  • Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment.  If your body is well hydrated this supports the lymphatic system which encourages the elimination of toxins and the body's reaction to the therapy.  The body's electrical signals and responses are more efficient when the cells are hydrated. 

  • You may feel sleepy or 'spaced out' after your treatment.  Please take extra care when driving home.  If you know you are strongly affected by hands-on therapies it may be prudent to arrange for someone to drive you to and from your appointment.  

  • When you get home you may need to rest, sleep and recover.  Please give yourself permission to have some quiet time to encourage the healing process to continue.

  • Subtle changes may occur in your body following your treatment.  This can affect your range of movement and occasionally your balance, so please take extra caution on the stairs or when operating machinery for a few days afterwards, as changes may continue to take place for up to a week.

  • Avoid strenuous activity after your treatment.  Gentle exercise such as walking, stretching,  swimming or yoga are encouraged.  Regular, gentle movement stimulates the lymphatic system, encourages soft tissue to release and allows the body to adjust and adapt.

  • It is best to avoid the dehydrating effects of alcohol for 24 hours after the treatment.  Also limit the amount of coffee taken and try to drink more water if possible. 

  • For approximately 48 hours avoid extreme hot and cold stimuli, (for example take a warm shower or bath rather than very hot or cold), and please do not use ice/heat packs, foam rollers, TENS machines or electronic massage devices.  These can interfere with the response to the treatment.  

  • Very occasionally there can be a stronger physical or emotional response, however, this is an encouraging sign of a deep shift.  It can usually be settled by rest, drinking water and a gentle follow up treatment.

If at any time you have any doubts, concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me on by either email or text message.


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